"Thanks for the great job and hard work. I am very impressed with the work you did in making this claim a reality. If I can act as a reference or help you directly in any way I would be glad to."

Dick Henander, CFO
OmniVoice Technologies, Inc.
Stockton, California
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Privacy Policy

In order to protect citizens and companies from fraud, all banks, financial institutions, and government agencies require proof of identity by way of a photo ID. The ID is required in order to verify the identity of the individual to whom an institution may set up an account, release information, or release funds. Holders of abandoned funds, whether government agencies or corporations, have similar security requirements. A photo ID is required to ensure that funds are being released and returned to the rightful owner. United Asset Recovery is required (by law in the case of governmental agencies, and by policy in the case of corporations) to submit the photo ID of all claimants we represent, as well as proof of Federal Corporate Tax ID Numbers. In the case of private citizen claimants, proof of Social Security Number is required. To safeguard the assets of corporations from the unauthorized taking of abandoned funds, some states require two photo ID's: One of the claim signer, and a second of an authorizing officer.

United Asset Recovery uses confidential information for one purpose only: to recover your assets. The confidential information you provide us in order to work on your behalf will never be shared or divulged to anyone, except to the holder of your funds requiring proof of identity and proof of authority to claim the assets in question. Client information is never sold, rented, or leased to anyone for any purpose. The protection of your confidential information is a serious matter to us. We build long and trusting relationships with our clients by maintaining the highest ethical standards through every phase of our work. Confidential client information is used for the recovery of client funds only and will never be used for any other purpose.